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J. Bucko, D. Soyuer and L. Zwick  Prospects for localising Planet 9 with a future Uranus mission"MNRAS: Letters (2023)

D. Soyuer, L. Zwick, D. D'Orazio and P. Saha Searching for gravitational waves via Doppler tracking by future missions to Uranus and Neptune", MNRAS: Letters (2021)

S. Baumgartner, M. Bernardini, R. Cuissa, H. de Laroussilhe, A. Mitchell, B. Neuenschwander, P. Saha, T. Schaeffer, D. Soyuer and L. ZwickTowards a polarization prediction for LISA via intensity interferometry", MNRAS (2020)

D. Soyuer, F. Soubiran and R. Helled Constraining the depth of the winds on Uranus and Neptune via Ohmic dissipation", MNRAS (2020)

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